Friday, August 15, 2008

15 mins of Shame

A few weeks ago our 3 year old plasma TV had an annoying streak running through the upper half of the screen. To our great delight it was still under warranty. We always purchase an extended warranty because my Father in law spent a zillion years as a retail manger and swears by them. Usually our warranty runs out the same week as the item breaks or the broken "part" is not covered. Not this time. Thanks Favorite Father in Law!!! I was thrilled, since a new wide screen would never be a priority and my fall TV shows would not be the same on a 26" screen.

We waited for almost 3 weeks for them to fix the TV. As it turned out it, would cost more to fix it, so we got a spankin new one. Oh yes, more features than I can list. TVs have greatly improved in 3 years.

My husband and I unpacked our new addition and began studying the features while our daughters played in the next room. A few minutes passed when I heard a little knock at the door. We paused and listened and peeked out peep hole, but saw nothing and went back to reading. Then a tiny little squeak from the storm door.

We opened the front door and to our surprise, there stood our 21 month old daughter wearing only a diaper, a ballerina necklace and a bike helmet. She gave a huge smile and said "buu-ckle stuck Da-wee!" Hello...our baby had climbed out of the play room past her sisters and over the baby gate, gone down the stairs, out to the sun porch where she put on her sister's helmet, opened the door and headed to the backyard to ride her bike. I guess she was finished and could not open the door, so being the genus she is, she came around to the front door to get Daddy's help. ALONE!!! All alone. My heart nearly stopped. Thank goodness she came to the porch instead of "going on a walk" in the neighborhood.

I hate to imagine what all could have happened during those 15 minutes. The fact that my baby was outside playing without her shoes is enough to make me sick. Those sweet feet on concrete. Shame on us for not considering that she might be able to open doors and climb over the baby gate. We now keep the doors bolt locked so she can't just turn the knob. We consider ourselves very lucky and blessed that she was unharmed. We promise to do better, Sweet E!


Preppy Mama said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment. No you were not late. We are all even steven including you.
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CarolinaGirl said...

I would pay money to see a picture of her in just a diaper and a helmet! Too funny!

Martha said...

Way to go Emerson. She is going to be hearing that story for years to come. After the fact it is so funny. You're right...thank goodness she headed for her own front door. Her Aunt Cheryl used to take of and escape every chance she got. After all these years she still has to hear the stories of her exploits.

Lori said...

Oh my how scary that is! Thankfully she had the smarts to stay around home and come a 'knockin!
I'm glad she's ok!!