Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Puppy Love

This weekend, Rob took the big girls to play with Cookie's new brothers and sister. Cookie is our 1 year old Shih-Tzu. Her parents have a new litter and since the puppies are all being adopted next week they wanted to get some puppy love. Emerson and I stayed home for a much needed nap and took care of the other cookies taking up our time. Girl scout cookies. I now know the real reason they only sell them once a year! : )

A little pile of sweetness!

Connor loved having this little one sleep on her lap. Thank goodness they're all spoken for!

Olivia with her two favorites.

It was hard to get these away from Landon. Look at those sweet faces. All 3 :)

Cookie (on the right) and her mommy enjoying the sunshine. The girls said they mostly stayed together . How sweet. I'm just shocked that she sat still long enough for Rob to get that shot. I'm convinced she's a lab trapped in a Shih-Tzu body. The only time she's still at home is when she's sleeping!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday night's homework was to write about and draw a hero. I smiled when Olivia handed me her notebook to check her work and said, "I'm done...that was so easy."

It's the little things that catch you off guard and put things into perspective.
God is a hero.

And boy did he answer my prayers.

I stayed up way too late looking at a million photographs on iheartfaces. I'm so out of control :) With our Mr. Sunshine (aka daddy) out of town, I knew it would a rough Wed morning. I drifted off to sleep, praying for a pause button so I could catch up on my sleep.
Well...brace yourself...we got a no-snow-snow-day!
Yep, I did not have to wake and dress 3 sleepy ladies for school. We all slept until 9:45. To make it even sweeter, Connor came into the kitchen and saw the 1/16 of an inch of snow,she turned and squealed, "yeah, God gave us snow again!" When I asked her to repeat what she said, (this mommy tries not to talk in the morning) she giggled and said, "God gave us more snow...just like I asked for in my prayers." Too sweet!

Oh, and the snow was all gone before lunch. I spent the rest of the day making Valentine crafts with my loves.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo Contest:"The Eyes Have It"

I love this picture of baby Emerson. I think it makes her eyes look beautiful. Wish I had those lashes!
This is a great blog I just found. Check it out!!!I love taking pictures and and looking at all the great pictures other people take.