Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tutu Sweet!

I made my sweet 2year old this adorable tutu for her birthday. She loved it. When she saw herself in the mirror she twirled around. It was precious. We will be celebrating with extended family over Thanksgiving, but still wanted to do something on her actual birthday. The big girls decorated mini bunt cakes and I made Emerson a giant cupcake and even put a tutu on it as well.

She looked so proud sitting on the table with her cupcake.
Blowing out the candles was her favorite part. Daddy re lit them no less than 10 times. She was surprised every time she blew them out. She cheered, clapped and said "one more, Daddy"

She would smile a huge grin and say "I did it!" "Do again, peeease."
She really enjoyed eating it.

Especially, once the tutu came off and she was in her highchair!
Her new favorite word is cupcake.

Friday, November 21, 2008

She's 2!

Happy Birthday Emerson! Today our baby daughter is turning 2. It's hard to imagine we ever spent a day without her, yet it seems like only yesterday we were debating names while waiting for her to be born. Emerson is quite the handful and is always getting into everything. She definitely keeps us on our toes! We are so thankful for her abundant smiles and the adorable way she places her hands on her daddy's cheeks when she gives him a kiss. It melts our hearts to hear the sweet sound of her voice as she sings to her dolls and giggles with her sisters. She is truly a blessing. We love you, doodlebug!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While reading a bedtime story, my 8 year old daughter leaned over and gently patted my hand and asked me, "Mama, one day will my face be in agony, too?" I was puzzled and said, "I guess if you're upset about something." She smiled a confused little smile and replied, "Oh, I thought you just got agony when you become a teenager."

Yes, friends she was actually referring to the gigantic zit on my chin. While I'm thankful to have had clear glowing teenage skin, I do feel cheated to now be dealing with pimples in my 30s. So, in answer to Landon's question, I stopped laughing and simply replied, "when your face gets bumps on it its called Acne, but I assure you it's agony as well!"

I am actually feeling 16 again. Twilight comes out on Friday and I confess I'm a little more excited than I would want to admit. The book was very entertaining and I can't wait to see if the big screen portrays Bella and Edward the way I've imagined. I'm sure to be surrounded by 14 year olds with "agony" and will fit in perfectly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Emerson Montgomery

This sweet little angel is turning 2 on Friday.
She was only 6 months in this picture, but it feels like yesterday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maybe an indoor wedding is a good idea....

Cheryl, my sister-in-law, is looking for the perfect wedding location.Outdoors is one thing, but it's safe to say, marking water off the list might be a no brainer after seeing how well it turned out for this bride. I saw this on Tickled Pink and Green and I'm still laughing. I feel so bad for her, yet still I laugh. Since I'm almost 11 years past the will-OUR-day-be-perfect-fear it's safe to laugh. (and it helps it was more than perfect!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candy, candy and more candy!

This is what we did with our candy!
We had SO much fun!
The front with a cute green walkway. Landon even carved faces on the candy pumpkins.
Olivia gave the back pizzaz with a purple, orange, green M&M pattern.
Connor was in charge of roof design and the pumpkin patches contained in adorable candy corn picket fences.

Landon added more details then I ever imagined.
Notice the bat and spider web.....She is so creative!

My 4 sweet girls
I asked them to smile and don't touch! 3 out of 4...not bad.

Taking turns pretending to get a bite...
After dinner they ate all they wanted and then Emerson knocked the platter off the table.
Yes, it broke :( At least it had a great finish.

This is my new favorite Pumpkin. Such a cute little polka dot lady. It is georgous (the photo does not do it any justice). It was easy to make (drill various sized holes) and is sparkley and fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloweeen!!!

Emerson made a sweet Auburn Cheerleader. GO AUBURN!!! Yes, she ran all over the neighborhood saying, " more tick-teet." Even today she told the key man at Home Depot tick-teet and held out her hand. Two weekends in a row of dressing up and getting candy really made an impression.

Connor was half angel-half devil. Very fitting...90%sweet & 10% mischievous!

Olivia as a cute fall witch She was going to dress as a 50s sock hop girl but changed her mind when she realized the "poodle in a skirt" was not a real puppy to carry around with her.
It explaines why she was so excited I said she could "keep" her costume after halloween.

Landon was a Pumpkin fairy
I was very proud of the way her pumpkin hair turned out. She was just adorable!