Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lazy Days

Daddy took the older girls golfing while Emerson and Mommy played at the pool. They are developing Daddy's love of golf. Although, I'm sure driving the golf cart isn't bad either.
They stopped by to say hello while making the turn.
(Don't feed the animals)

Emerson has no fear of the water and loves climbing in and out. It makes me so
nervous. The water is only 1 foot deep, but she thinks she is big like her sisters
and can just step in, instead of sitting down first. I spend the entire time
following Emme around like nut. My sisters tease me because I am
more protective of my 4th than most mom's are of their 1st.
Letting her climb out at 20 months is huge. I would have been sitting
in the baby pool holding my 1st born while she wore a life jacket and water wings, too.

She had so much fun being "alone" in the pool and having Mommy all to herself.

Making the laps. She walks the pool instead of swimming.

Floating in the big pool.
We had a very relaxing day.


CarolinaGirl said...

Look how big she is getting! Oh my gosh! Atleast she will get in the pool! Mallory hates the water! She will sit on the side and watch her sisters in this FL heat and not move! I have to pour water on her head to keep her cool! She even hates that!
You go Rob, giving Mommy a much needed break!

Martha said...

Adorable pictures of all the girls. Emerson really seems to enjoy the water. She defnitely has an adventuresome spirit lately.