Sunday, August 17, 2008

How did they do it?

Today we drove to the mall to let the girls spend their gift cards that they had saved from past holidays, because some were so old that I did not want to start losing money on fees. We have attempted to spend them before, but my girls never want to spend "their" money. If there was anything in The Disney Store that we didn't touch it would be a shock. Who were those frugal little ladies? They can't live without half of Target when Mommy is paying. It was very cute to see their minds working overtime to get best "treasures" for their money.

On the drive my girls enjoyed a DVD, since we were going to be in the car for more than the normal 10 minutes. About half way there, the funniest thing happened. Olivia started asking me to please back the movie up (you know rewind), since she missed something. I gave her a puzzled look and asked, "how did you miss something, we're in the car?" She said (in her 6 going on 16 tone), "Mom, when I leaned over to get a drink of water." I asked her what she thought she missed during the second while she reached for her water and her reply was, "how do I know I couldn't see the screen." That's hysterical since she has seen the movie 424 times.

I admit getting the mini without a DVD player was not an option, (I just wish I was the one sitting in the back watching the movie). It is beyond me how my parents took 4 girls on a road trip with out any form of "entertainment" to pass time. Bless their hearts. I love you, Mom and Dad!

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