Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whatever, major loser!

I admit I'm very conservative when it comes to what my girls watch on TV. For most of their lives they had very few choices. Anything that was on PBS Kids or Noggin was always fair game and they could watch some choice Disney Chanel cartoons. As they still say, "we can only watch the good shows, the kind with a G." What more could they want?

I was informed by my second grader, that all her friends get to stay up (past 7) and watch American Idol and she still watches the baby channel. Since the 7 o'clock bedtime is here to stay, I figured I needed to give her a few older shows. They have since enjoyed many cute Disney shows with real people.

My girls adore High School Musical, so I thought that the newest Disney TV movie, Camp Rock would be similar. It had the same dreamy elements of music and young romance blended together with a message of being true to yourself. Good wins over evil and even the bully is changed for the better. No HSM, but ok.

What my girls learned was a few songs and how to give the "whatever, major loser" sign on the forehead. Yes, like the "L" loser sign of our day just preceded by 3 three finger gestures of W.E.M. As if the "Loser" sign wasn't fresh enough.

Who knew all my years of restricting television viewing could be wiped out in 5 seconds by a made for TV Disney movie?


CarolinaGirl said...

That "C" is too cute :) Yes, I would say that "L", getting ready to turn 8 should get to watch more big girl stuff! I can not believe they all go to bed at 7! That is when Bill gets home from work! Come on, let her watch Hannah Montana like the "other kids"! She can be a sassy mouth like my 9 yr old! J/K I think you are doing great mom! Maybe I should have my girls stick to PBS. Madi is already singing the Jonas Brothers!

Zoie said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

whatever your a freakish mom...jk i admire the way you watch over uour children!!