Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Anyone who has tried to call my home phone in the last year or so, knows that 90% of the time your greeted with the ever pleasant busy signal. Not because it's in use, just because. Because, for a reason undetectable by the phone company, it's just busy. They assure me it's nothing. I just ask that they fix the "nothing" so I can get something on the line. The problem still exists, even after many failed attempts and purchase of a new phone, since it's "not on their end".

Last month, I finally called my cable provider to look at my options for a digital phone. I already have the pricey Cadillac cable TV/DVR/HDTV/Internet package, (all more necessary than air) so they'll just throw it in for a few bucks more. Score!

7,000 questions later, after a top secret third party verification process......presto......the cable guy will be at me house promptly, in three weeks. I'm still wondering how much prep he actually needs to install (plug) it to the modem, when I already have cable. I, myself am not "qualified" to attemp the installation (plugging) on my own. Whatever, she says it's the earliest appointment available and it's dirt cheap.

This Monday is the scheduled phone day, so I was surprised when I checked my messages and heard the cable company on the line. The over friendly employee, was calling to inform me that my appointment was being moved out to Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was scheduled "sooner than is the normal practice". Everyone must complete the necessary wait time before the technician can make a house call to "install" a digital line. I laughed out loud. Ashton, is that you? I think I've been Punk'd.

HELLO, They actually have a minimum wait policy. That explains so much about their customer service and the soaring cost of cable.

I can live a fuller life knowing they created a special department to over see those very important guidelines. After all, No one likes a line jumper.


Alyson said...

I love you!
You are awesome I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Between you and Angie you guys need to write a book.

CarolinaGirl said...

Wow, another great post! I'm spoiled now! I love reading your blog, so keep it up! You know, it's not like your busy! ;)