Friday, July 18, 2008

Catch my Breath

It has been a typical week with 4 girls. Never enough time. We have attended 2 adorable birthday parties. One was a fabulous 70's Disco sleepover. Judging by Landon's mood, more disco than sleep. The other was the cutest Fancy Nancy party, complete with necklace making, story telling and the most delicious chocolate parfaits. All the Fancies had fun.

Daddy took the girls to the pool twice this week, to give me a much deserved break. A small fraction of what this stay at home mom needs to fully regain sanity, but every little bit helps.

Landon and Olivia are both working on some fun summer things at art class. From what my excited 8 year old says, she has entered a drawing contest. She said she illustrated a bible verse that a real judge will see. They pick someone to win and give the winner prises, or maybe even money. Ah, money. Now I see. I'm sure she already has a dollar store treasure in mind.

We had a special visitor this week. The cable guy. No more busy signal! At last a working land line (well, digital wireless). I spent the day on my home phone, resetting the cable boxes and Internet, since my new modem sends a different signal. No reason the cable guy should be bothered with all that. Give me a call, 876-5309.


CarolinaGirl said...

I am such a blonde! I thought,"Heather don't put your phone number on here!" Then I thought, "she got a new number", then I started singing the tune 8 7 6 5 3 0 999999! Too funny!!

Alyson said...

You guys are both too funny. It is actually 8675309. I still love it.