Friday, July 25, 2008

What A Day!

Yesterday we went to the park. Finally, it has been cool enough to do something other than the pool. It was a cool 89 with very little humidity. We were able to play at the park without any complaints about the heat. Is it too early to anticipate Fall?

We took my mom, Bebah, as my girls call her, along with us. It was very relaxing, which is not always the case with 4 girls under foot. My mom is having surgery today, so she will be resting for the next couple of weeks. No lifting the little ones for a while. Her pre surgery diet was only liquids after noon. Watermelon must count as a liquid.

The big girls like the idea of watermelon, but don't really like to eat it. Rob and I love it! Every year we "try" it again. They were eager to pick out the perfect one, only after touching all 50 first. :) Emerson liked the sound it made when she played it like a drum.

The anticipation grew as we cut into the melon and could see the beautiful red peaking through. Then the disappointment flooded their faces. NO black seeds? Where are the seeds? Seedless of course....we have a toddler. Not a huge hit with the girls. First a NO bow day and then they wanted a spitting contest. What ladies!

They look excited!

So juicy!

Clearly, we have a winner!


Alyson said...

Clearly you could have told be you were having Watermelon at the park yesterday.

CarolinaGirl said...

I wish we could have been there :(
Soon, very soon! Emerson is getting so big! Time for another one :)

Martha said...

Adorable pictures. Watermelon without seeds, much more fun to eat. I really need a visit soon. My official vacation ends with my school starting Monday. Hope your mom is doing ok.