Friday, January 30, 2009

Pitch a Tent

This is as close to camping as we get!
Well with S'mores, haha :)
Emerson loves to play in these tiny tents that my sister gave the girls. They are small enough to fit American Girl dolls. It's so funny to see her and Cookie in their tents side by side.
Eme is always eating something! Cookie wants to know, "where's my treat?" When I asked to join the club she promptly told me," No, Mam-Sir, maybe later." LOL She studies at the-universal-use-of-manners-school. It saves time trying to decide if Mam or Sir fits.


Jessica said...

So nice to meet you!! Your girls are PRECIOUS! I love their matching outfits in all of your pictures. What a sweet little family you have. : )

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What wonderful memories and four beautiful little girls!

1 Hot Dish said...

I'm totally with you on the camping front...pitching a tent inside the comfort of my living room is as close to camping as I get. ;)

Your daughters are just adorable!

new mom in law said...

Me too...the closest I want to get to camping is a *black and white t.v. in a Holiday Inn*!

Jenny said...

I'm not much of a camper either!!! Your little one is too cute!!

3 Little Snaps said...

Adorable girls! Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting!

southernjoy said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

Your 4 girls are so cute. I love doing the matching-clothes thing too, with my 2 boys.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my gosh! Speaking of cute kids and cute names...yours are precious! Thanks for popping by my blog. I love this background! And my hubby loves golf, too. I have a feeling yours might do it for a profession, though. :) Great to "meet" you!


Trina said...

That is hilarious! So cute!

Lori said...

OMGosh, that is SO funny!! I think that is the smallest tent I've ever seen! It looks like the little "sample" they have up in stores so you can see what the huge ones look like! lol

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