Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 Down

It was a very exciting weekend. After many hours working with Daddy, we now have 3 training wheel free bike riders (Or 2 wheeler riders as Connor proudly calls herself).

To get some good practice time, we went to the track to master our skills without fear of cars. No fewer than 20 laps later it is official. I now have thighs of steel (I wish) and a wonderful farmers tan to prove it.

I was very proud of the girls for riding so long. It might have had a little to do with the fuss I made while trying to fit 3 bikes, 3 helmets and a stroller in the back of the Mini, and something about this being a trial run, since these ladies can't make the 1/2 mi block ride in the neighborhood with out quitting. I think it might also help not having my helpful voice directing bike flow, like at home.

We even had fun playing with sidewalk chalk. They were very excited to know their cousins saw their art on Monday at school. Landon was sure to add her last name for clarity, in case they thought it was another Landon, Olivia, Connor and Emerson.

Olivia was the last to decide 2 wheels were better than 4.

Connor loves riding her 2-wheeler.

Landon, the old pro, enjoyed teaching her sisters tricks.

It was great to see how independent they are getting.

I'm the only thing holding Emerson back from joining her sisters in the wind. She tries to ride the "big" bikes and doesn't see reaching the peddles as factor. Until those little legs grow she is stuck in the stroller just along for the ride.


CarolinaGirl said...

They are all getting so big! Livie is a mini Rob! Sorry, but you got left out of that one!! She looks just like her Daddy!

Martha said...

Today 2 wheelers! What next? Great pictures. Granddaddy had to have me print them so he could take them to show off.